The Baobab Circle

The Baobab Circle is an African – centred educational provision for children from all backgrounds. Created by T.A.P. Projects Education Director Meatta Kromah. The Baobab Circle aims to support the education of children and their families through the beautiful philosophies of Africa and by creating African – centred products and services.

In 2018, T.A.P. Project created The Baobab Circle, it was a project managed by our Education Director Meatta Kromah. The Baobab Circle delivered 8 African- Centred Sensory playgroups for children up to the age of 4.

Parents and Carers attended with their children to enjoy a mixture of Sensory activities, African Stories and games.

The stay and play groups ran between the 20th of November until the 11th of December. They included 4 baby circles in the morning and 4 toddler circles in the afternoon. They were very well received by the community. One Attendee commented

“I love the sessions Baobab Circle provides. it’s an alternative to what’s currently available. The themes are very rich in culture without being too heavy. It’s something which is needed. My son had a great time and I look forward to seeing it grow even bigger!”

T.A.P. Project intends to build upon this project soon when The Baobab Circle returns.

In 2021 The Baobab Circle creator Meatta Kromah published her first eBook titled ‘Enabling Independent Learning at home’ which was written during the Covid pandemic amidst many families adjusting to home education. The book shares ideas with parents on how to create enabling environments at home to encourage independence in children regarding their education. The eBook ‘Enabling Independent Learning at home’ is available for purchase via the T.A.P Project Website/ store.

In January 2022 T.A.P. Project assisted Meatta in publishing her first book Sankofa, which tells the story of the mythical bird which flies forward whilst looking backward, originating from the sacred Adinkra symbol of Ghana. Sankofa is available for purchase at all major book retailers and the animation is available on the T.A.P. Projects Youtube Page

The Baobab Circle continues to create products, services and spaces that celebrate African- centred education for all. Check out The Baobab Circles Social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.