From September 2017 TAP Project presented a series of monthly events. Those events covered community business event where community members could promotes and sell products at a stall. They could partake in workshops to assist them in setting up a social enterprise and they could present a pitch dragon’s den style where the winners would receive consultation which usually cost over £1,000. 

Our next event was based on Black and British for Black History month. Our guest speakers for this event were Paul Obinna and Linford Sweeney. They delivered some insightful presentations which evoked thought provoking conversations. 

The next event was themed around community assets. We facilitated a mapping exercise of all the African Diaspora buildings within local proximity. This event birthed the Moss Side and Hulme Community Forum voice. The facebook page has over 700 members now.

Our December event was themed around raising awareness of Kwanzaa. We done a presentation on the origins of Kwanzaa and how we can implement the principles in our day to day activities. 

Our final event to round up the programme was a youth weekend event split into 2 days. The first day was aimed at 6-13 year olds and the 2nd day 14-25. These days were filled with a plethora of discussions and activities such as performances of music, dance and poetry. 

These event is funded by profits generated from Project Mali Manchester in partnership with the Ubele Initiative