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At the Black and British event Tap Project along with True North Partnership (TNP), Maco and Gift took the opportunity to bring the local community together to look at the successes and the positive impact that African diasporic peoples have contributed to British History.

Held at Hulme Hall on the 29th October, this was T.A.P Project’s first event as part of the popular Sunday solutions series, tackling various issues faced by the local black community in Manchester.

Linford Sweeney genealogist and the first of our two Historians on the day presented a well-informed presentation about African History and the importance of identity to us as a people. Paul Obinna former Ducie high school teacher and Historian captivated the audience and many of his former students with his workshop discussing his Timeline Project.

Kunle Olulode who represented the organisation Power4Change delivered an impassioned presentation on the 2017 UK disparity report.

The event was beautifully catered by Denise Brown of Miss Dee’s Caribbean Kitchen, whose delicious vegan food was shared and enjoyed by all the guests and wonderful vendors who took the opportunity to attend and sell their creations at the event.


Held at the West Indian Centre on Saturday 30th September 2017, Tap Project and its partners TNP, Maco, Project Mali and Gift held a massively successful event focusing on community businesses. The day started early as guests arrived for a networking breakfast as the various stalls set up for a highly anticipated afternoon.


Our speakers included Founder of the Ubele Intiative Yvonne Field who posed some essential questions around the need for young leaders and community enterprise. Yvonne spoke of the generations of Afro-Caribbean people who have settled in Britain, how we are natural entrepreneurs, but do not see our initiatives as such. Yvonne discussed how we should make these efforts more organised and intentional.

Yvonne asked, “what are our plans around sustainability in health, education and employment?”. Yvonne equipped the audience with tools to help pass on the “baton” of leadership from elders who are often overlooked as a major resource to younger leaders in the community, highlighting the value in building intergenerational relationships.

Yvonne shared several events with the guests including Erasmus International Training, YoFest and EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

T.A.P Project Director Otis Thomas spoke about how T.A.P began, our journey so far and what is next for our organisation, he also gave an insight into the necessity of community business from a young person’s perspective.

Also T.A.P Project was represented by its second Director on the day Angeli Sweeney, Angeli read the tone of the event perfectly by speaking about supporting young enterprising leaders and developing collaborative environments for them to thrive.

Mike Blaney identified the role of young black women in community enterprise and how they are reacting to austerity by leading the way in social care.

Clare Duncan gave examples of existing successful community businesses operating within the Uk and listed 4 things they all had in common.

  1. Locally rooted
  2. locally led and community accountability
  3. trade for the benefit of the local community
  4. advantageous to the broader community also.

Clare also discussed funding routes and made herself available to be approached by any of the guests who wanted to discuss funding in more detail during networking sessions.

The second part of the event was brilliant. Several dragons den style pitches from local start-ups and community enterprises attended. These pitches were presented by women from Manchester looking at holistic health products, mental health, food banks and organic community gardening all incredibly worthwhile initiatives, similar in their focus on health and well-being delivered genuinely and passionately by their advocates.

As you can imagine with so much shared interests in the room networking through lunch was energetic, mostly focusing on access to funding and future collaborative work.

Just before the last session of Networking the guest were invited to split up and attend workshops held by our guest speakers in separate rooms to explore their presentations in more depth.




On the Friday 24th of June 2016 at 6pm TAP hosted its second Black Love, Sex and Relationships event, at RBase in central Manchester. Tackling issues around Love, Sex and Relationships specific to the black community. An open invite was extended once again to Manchester’s afro-Caribbean community to share their honest views, enjoy live performances, win prizes and listen to T.A.P’s unique perspective on the subjects at hand.

Arguably one of our most popular events you can guarantee lively discussion, lots of shared laughter and a cheeky cocktail or two. If you haven’t been to a TAP Project Love event yet it’s one to look out for when it returns in the new year.






Kevin Bennett, a.k.a Kevin Benaire, is an empowerment speaker and entrepreneur that aims to help build and empower people.

Otis Thomas, a member of the T.A.P team, reached out to Benaire upon watching a YouTube video of one of his empowering discussions. Benaire took an instant liking to T.A.P, our principles, our values and our sheer unique cohesiveness so much so that he agreed to come and hold a 3 hour seminar on self-economics in Manchester.

The seminar touched upon self-development which Benaire engaged the audience by each of them writing out their ‘Success Cycle’, which is a self-plan towards personal success, and a ‘Life Board’ which is a written version of a visionary board.

Kevin was absolutely outstanding, he inspired everyone in the room with his unique perspective, energy and his straight-talking personality was refreshing for all that was present. Everyone left feeling inspired and it speaks to the gracious nature of Kevin that he spent hours after the seminar engaging in one-to-ones with those from the audience that wished to speak to him.



This was T.A.P’s first official public event which was held at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley Field Campus.

We screened short clips of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s documentary on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome in the bid to highlight the mental health issues that exist within the African-Caribbean community.

The documentary featured very important and educational information based on the extensive trauma that our ancestors endured for over four-hundred years and how, based on science and psychology, the trauma exist unknowingly to most in our African-Caribbean community today. It was a very insightful and educational event which included guest speakers and members of the T.A.P group holding discussions with the public.

Much was learned by all who attended and based on the responses from our event feedback the opportunity to discuss these issues honestly was well received and appreciated.

As with the Love Event,T.A.P will be also organising a second part to the mental health event with the focus being on the solutions.


BP meetup 1

Black panther smashed records for the highest making film grossing a insane 1billion dollars worldwide. Ryan Cooglars contribution to Marvels Universe was nothing short of epic.

On Friday 16th February at 8:00 o’clock a group of Tap Members gathered at the Vue cinema in Manchester’s Lowry Centre to see the highly anticipated Marvel adaptation of the Black Panther Comic book series.

The buzz before hand had reached almost fever pitch across the country and TAP took the opportunity to invite the wider group to watch the movie together, yano like a family.
We were interviewed by jam sessions just outside of lime bar as a few us went to relax, enjoy a cocktail and put the film to rights like only T.A.P Project can.

T.A.P Team then announced on social media and also on Legacy Radio a trip sponsored by the community to send upto 10 children to see the movie together.

Check out the T.A.P Team on Legacy radio’s The Search Engine Radio show on legacy

BP meetup 2

The children had a great time and hopefully this is the first of many youth trips T.A.P can provide. Thank you again to all the contributors who made the trip for the children possible.



“Kwanzaa Is Just Black Christmas. Right?”….Wrong!

alter 2

Arriving at Hulme Centre on Tuesday 26th December, the room was beautifully decorated with a Kwanzaa Altar. The vibe was cool, friendly and familiar. Everyone took time to appreciate and support the fabulous stalls, sharing smiles and hugs until they reached a seat.

People make way for the arrival of the caterers Levi and Chantelle who treated us to some delicious vegan delights. Whilst waiting for proceedings to start an impromptu drumming lesson breaks out led by our brother Ikem Nzeribe at the front of the room with some children Who, I may add were naturals at picking up the rhythm, they accepted their applause like true professionals.

Murmurings of what may be discussed start to fill the atmosphere as T.A.P Project Director Luke Kelly starts to introduce his presentation. If there was any doubt before about the similarities to Christmas, Luke Kelly made it plain that this was not the case.

The presentation explored the origins of Kwanzaa, its creator Mulana Karenga, what its principles and symbols are and introduced us to the 3 questions of Kwaida. Luke discussed with the audience how we can reaffirm some of the principles of Kwanzaa and the significance of restoring African culture and ritual in our current lives.

What I heard repeated in many conversations I had on the day, was the realisation that Kwanzaa was not just a 7 day long celebration but in fact a way of life. Practising the principles of Kwanzaa are the seeds sown to be harvested at the end the year as you reflect on your successes, bringing a close to the outgoing year and setting intentions for the new year to come.

Kwanzaa is a celebration of family, community and culture. It is a gathering of people, a time to strengthen bonds between us and a time of special reverence of our creator. It is a time of personal and collective reflection and a recommitment to our highest African ideals. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and cannot wait for next year’s event.

If your interested in attending, Look out for T.A.P Projects Kwanzaa Celebration details for 2018 on our social media platforms.