T.A.P. Project

seeks to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people of African origin and African Diaspora in Manchester, the United Kingdom and globally who are socially excluded.

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Our Values

Our core values are what has ensured all the work we do is authentic, focused, transparent and necessary. It keeps our vehicle running & helps…

Our Vision

We seek to empower and liberate the african diaspora. through providing innovative and creative solution based events, services and…


We seek to provide local network groups that encourage & enable effective participation with the wider community…

We deliver

To meet the needs of the African and African diaspora


T.A.P Projects 4 Pillars


Our Business Pillar is based on the Adinkra symbol Bese Saka or a sack of cola nuts A widely used cash crop, it is closely associated with affluence, abundance and bringing people together.


Our community Pillar is based on the Adinkra symbol Aya, the fern. It symbolises endurance and resourcefulness. This speaks to our values of Community – honouring our world family through service and Creativity – influenced by indigenous African & contemporary practices.


Our Health Pillar is based on the Adinkra symbol EBAN, the fence. It symbolises love, safety and security. It is our belief that for us to experience these qualities in our reality we must first be able to create them within ourselves which is why taking health and our overall wellness is vital to creating healthy communities.


Our education Pillar is based on the Adinkra symbol NEA ONNIM NO SUA A, OHU, which means "He who does not know can know from learning" It is a symbol of knowledge, life-long education and continued quest for knowledge.

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