Who's still sleeping in your womb event with international speaker Queen Neith

The who’s still sleeping in your womb event was an event for black women to address emotional healing though connecting with our womb space in meditation, sound healing and aromatherapy. A safe space was created so women felt free to open up and talk about some very sensitive and personal things which then gave permission for others to do the same. Discussions included radical self love, setting boundaries and reinforcing them if they were crossed and what that looked like. Releasing and letting go of sexual assault, termination, abusive relationship and much more. Over the course of 3 day the women participants showed such courage in facing some really heavy stuff and acknowledging and taking ownership of their own part they played in some of their own stories. The event was catered for by the lazy vegan so all participants were looked after both physically, spiritually and emotionally. The event was full to capacity with a demand for more events of this nature in the future.