We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

We will provide bespoke public relation and editorial services, including, but not limited to:

  • Creation and implementation of strategic communications plans
  • Media training
  • Proofreading and editing of documents
  • Creation of annual reports/brochures
  • Creation of press releases
  • Article writing

Each service includes initial free 30 min consultation via video call or in person.

Tap Agency

TAP provide a plethora of tailor made workshops designed to meet your desired outcomes. Amongst our own members delivering workshops we also work with external agencies to provide collaborative bespoke packages. Listed below are some of our workshops but if you require something not listed then please email your requirements. Also if you’re an individual or organisation that delivers workshops, talks or seminars please get in touch to discuss how we can add you to our roster of deliver partners.
  • Growth Mind-set Creation

    (BGM focused)

  • Sankofa Entrepreneurship
  • Equality & Diversity

    (Black Perspective)

  • Social Media & Young People
  • Youth Leadership
  • Confidence Building & Self Esteem
  • Unconscious Bias

    (Black Perspective)

  • MIndfulness
  • Resilience

    (resolution focused)


TAP The African Pot Project have a team of experienced youth and community work professionals with a background of delivering services for young people and communities. Our experience and knowledge includes:
  • Project and events management
  • Participation & citizenship projects
  • Multi-agency working with local authorities, schools, community hubs, voluntary groups and businesses.
  • Business support
  • Personal development and character building workshops
  • Community engagement, outreach and consultation
  • Youth-led projects

Our Goal

Our core goal values are what has ensured all the work we do is authentic, focused, transparent and necessary. It keeps our vehicle running & helps steer our course towards an emancipated future:
  • Legacy – with a pursuit to ensuring a sustained and embedded presence. This means having a visible and approachable presence in the communities we serve, whilst working to ensure we continue to provide high quality service’s and products, in collaboration with the community.
  • Freedom – through liberation, underpinned by Pan Africanist principles. We subscribe to the idea that peoples of African descent have common interests and should be unified. A cultural movement with the sentiment that people of African descent have a great deal in common, a fact that deserves notice and even celebration.
  • Community – honoring our world family through service. We are clear in our pursuits that lie in our intention to provide help and provide assistance to others in the pursuit of a more peaceful, equitable and collaborative society.
  • Creativity – influenced by indigenous african & contemporary practices. We seek to employ african focused and centre methods of delivering our products and services as a means to increasing our collective and individual cultural health, mindset and identity. 
  •  Integrity – honesty & morality in all we do. This speaks to striving for transparent and authentic working/business practices that illuminate and encourage good and solid community development. 
  • Co-operation – is at the heart of our delivery & ethos. We will work with any individual or organisation that share our goals and within our business capacities. 


The African Pot
Moss Side & Hulme, Manchester but we also operate within Greater Manchester, Nationally and Globally

We provide services that benefit the African and African Diaspora community

TAP was birthed from a whatsapp group created in December 2015 and officially became incorporated in October 2017

Organisations and employers who are interested in partnering with TAP Project can submit their interest via our site (Contact Us) with a brief description of services and support. We will then contact you to discuss further.
Reasonable prices

We offer reasonably priced bespoke services and are happy to talk through your requirements with you. For further information on this program please contact us.

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