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Training workshops

All training workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. Email for further details.

Unconscious Bias 
(black perspective)

Sankofa Entrepreneurship

Growth Mind-set Creation (BGM focussed)

Social media & Young people

Equality & Diversity (black perspective)

Youth Leadership

Confidence Building & Self Esteem


Resilience (resolution focussed)


TAP The African Pot Project have a team of experienced youth and community work professionals with a background of delivering services for young people and communities. Our experience and knowledge includes:

Project and events management

Community engagement, outreach and consultation

Participation & citizenship projects

Youth-led projects

Business support

Personal development and character building workshops

Multi-agency working with local authorities, schools, community hubs, voluntary groups and businesses.

Reasonable prices

We offer reasonably priced bespoke services and are happy to talk through your requirements with you. For further information on this program please contact us.