Give me my flowers now Fund raiser

The give me my flowers now event was a fund raising event we held for a young beautiful woman in our community we found out was losing her battle with cervical cancer. Her name was Jessica Fairweather-Brown she was 31 with 2 beautiful children, this event was headed by myself Alexa Lea. Jess had been a childhood friend of mine we dance together at the Zion centre when we were young, modelled and fashion show and from time to time could be found on a night out together, so when I heard the news about Jess’s medical condition I wanted to help in anyway I could. I consulted the other members of T.A.P and it was agreed that we would help. The idea of the event was to include some of the things I knew Jess loved and some of the ways I had gotten to know her over the years which was through music and dance and fashion.  The event had African drummers and dancers, a local choir, poetry, song a fashion show and vendors which their stall fee went towards the donations. There was also a raffle and live band. We managed to raise £320 for her and her family which we are very proud of given that organising this event was time sensitive and was not advertised as well as we would of liked but some of her close friends and family and members of the community showed their support her. This event was successfully and we are proud of what we achieved for Jess.