“sack of cola nuts”

Otis Thomas

Hi this is Otis Thomas – Managing Director T.A.P. Project. He is a father of one, an aspiring entrepreneur and an African centered progressive thinking visionary. He holds multiple positions amongst a plethora of organisations in the UK, USA and Africa.
Otis understands the importance of a quantum approach to solutions. Otis currently sits on the table of a few boards that impact our community, whilst also simultaneously creating his own tables. As a African centred social entrepreneur, Otis has made investments across the continent in countries such as Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia plus more.
He is currently studying a Masters in Management Practice with the University of Manchester to compliment his experience of 18 years in Project Management. As one of the Directors, He generates and pursues Business leads to create multiple streams of income for the company as well as taking the lead on coordinating projects and delivery.
We envision a future where TAP play an integral role within our communities creating multiple business opportunities for the next generation of young people coming up and the current crop of businesses currently operating. We will do this by raising Awareness, Promoting & Signposting.