Eban symbol
“Love, safety and security”

Alexandra Leach

Hi I am Alexandra Leach, health and wellness lead for T.A.P Project. I am a proud mother of 3, international model and business owner for 7 years practicing massage and holistic therapies. Having this as a base has prepared me to facilitate workshops and seminars that cater to ones wellbeing with a holistic approach.
I have developed T.A.P Project health framework and consult on all of our health and wellness related projects. In 2017 I took the lead on an event which hosted an international speaker from America speaking on women’s womb health, emotional and mental wellbeing. I later organised a fundraising event for a friend of mine who had cervical cancer and sadly passed away in 2019. It is in honour of her memory and many others that I dedicate my work.
The adinkra symbol Eban supports T.A.P Projects framework around health and wellbeing. Eban stands for love, safety and security. It is our belief that in order for us to experience these qualities in our reality we must first be able to create them within ourselves which is why taking health and our overall wellness is vital to creating healthy communities.
It all starts with us as individuals. I am passionately committed to created spaces for this work to develop and collaborating with others that share similar aims.