We have a few different programmes

W.I.L. – Women In Linux - This will be an 12 week programme to train BGM (Black Global Majority) women from our local area on a computer programme called Linux. For more information and to sign up click here:
Black to the Future II is a Sankofa Approach to Youth Work Practices in the African Diaspora Community that is contributing to building a self-sustaining system that encompasses the intergenerational cultural specificities of the African Diaspora in Europe. It will identify and document youth work practices in the four additional cities of Munich, Rotterdam, Lisbon and Manchester to expand the work done by the first version of Black to the Future which was between the cities of London, Cologne, and Amsterdam and took place from March 2017 to September 2018.
African Sensory Stay and Play. African because we deliver a mix of African Stories, Poetry and songs. Sensory because we use stimuli for all 5 senses as a method of delivering our sessions.
We grow and sell food from our volunteer allotment which will generate a small income, partnering with local businesses to deliver healthy and ethical products to the community. We will also work closely with old people’s homes and other groups to promote allotment visits and volunteering, encouraging our elders to plant crops which they will also be able either donate and/or take home with them.