About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Executive Directors

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Otis Thomas

Our Business Development Director and Community Value organisational lead. Otis is a freelance mentor, youth worker and support worker of 15 years. He holds professional qualifications and training in mentoring and business. His strengths lie in project management, leadership and management, mentoring, events management and marketing and promotions. His key interests for the business are Developing & Maintaining Businesses set up to benefit the African & African Diaspora Community in regards to Health, Education, and General Business & Community.

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Angeli Sweeney

Our Education and Finance Director and organisational lead. Angeli is a Senior Youth Work Project Manager of 20 years, holding professional qualifications and training in Community and Youth work, Coaching and Leadership and Management. Her strengths are project management, group work and facilitation, public speaking and coaching and mentoring. Her key interests for the business are (culturally specific) community and youth development and strategic cross working which streamlines community aims and objectives to create synergy across the BGM VSCE sector, in the first instance.

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Meatta Kromah

Our Education and Community Director, Meatta is the Creator of the African centred playgroup The Baobab Circle and host of the T.A.P projects homeschooling network meatta is passionate about educating children in African Culture and perspectives.
Over 11years as a visual merchandiser and a degree in International Marketing Meatta uses her creativity to develop activities to engage children through the songs, stories, food and history of Africa.

Committee members:

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Alexandra Leach

Community and Health (and Wellbeing) pillar, leading on social media and event management.

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Kamilah Francis

Business and Health (and Wellbeing) pillar.