BP meetup 1

Black panther smashed records for the highest making film grossing a insane 1billion dollars worldwide. Ryan Cooglars contribution to Marvels Universe was nothing short of epic.

On Friday 16th February at 8:00 o’clock a group of Tap Members gathered at the Vue cinema in Manchester’s Lowry Centre to see the highly anticipated Marvel adaptation of the Black Panther Comic book series.

The buzz before hand had reached almost fever pitch across the country and TAP took the opportunity to invite the wider group to watch the movie together, yano like a family.
We were interviewed by jam sessions just outside of lime bar as a few us went to relax, enjoy a cocktail and put the film to rights like only T.A.P Project can.

T.A.P Team then announced on social media and also on Legacy Radio a trip sponsored by the community to send upto 10 children to see the movie together.

Check out the T.A.P Team on Legacy radio’s The Search Engine Radio show on legacy

BP meetup 2

The children had a great time and hopefully this is the first of many youth trips T.A.P can provide. Thank you again to all the contributors who made the trip for the children possible.


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